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Tahoe dreaming and the Winter Blues! With all this beautiful water where’s the snow?

Tahoe Dreaming, it’s February and typically my favorite time of year in Tahoe, the weather is not too cold and the snow is wonderful, but that’s not true this year! Last night we watched a Warren Miller movie and all I could dream about was skiing, downhill and cross country.

My husband has been skiing since he was 6 years old and he just turned 60 (but don’t let him know I told you so) that is 54 years where he has skied every season. He even skied most summers in high school and college traveling around the country/world finding the snow and living out of his car. He’s even downhill raced up until about 5 years ago when he met me and decided he would rather ski with me than race, I guess he likes me!

I’ve been skiing since college all over the Northeast, but I don’t miss the weather or the ice. I have come to LOVE Tahoe and I’m looking forward to many years of hiking, skiing and photographing in and around Tahoe!

Well here’s to seeing you on the slopes and praying you all stay safe!

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!!!


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